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YES! I want The Aesthetic Minimalist Workout & Diet!

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  • If your goal is an aesthetic Hollywood Physique, this is how you can achieve it with minimal work.
  • Minimalist Gym Weightlifting Routine
  • Minimalist Home Calisthenics Routine
  • Minimalist Diet and Nutrition Book
  • Minimalist Guide Book
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    Mike lost over 50 lbs and then got absolutely shredded!

    Academy Member

    Marcus lost over 60 lbs and got superhero JACKED!

    The Academy Ultra$197


    Academy-Ultra-Only Bonuses:

    FREE Access To All Paid SHJ Challenges

    30 Day Calisthenics-Shred Booklet

    Combined Access:

    The Academy Portal App 

    Daily Quests (Check-Ins)

    Weekly Challenges and Leaderboards

    Unique Integrations between all Core Programs

    The Superhero Academy:

    Access to Over 500 Workout Routines, Mega Paths, Exclusive Training Packets and more

    Access to Over Six Goal Oriented 12-16 Week Superhero Programs (Previously Sold for $49-69 EACH)!

    Access to Exclusive Celebrity Workouts

    Access to over half a dozen Nutrition Classes

    Access to The SHJ Private Community and Coaches (including Mike)

    Access to the Learning Modules & Instructional Videos

    Access to Upgrade Your Workout Tool

    Access to the DLC Superhero Class Challenges

    Instant Access to your own profile

    The Superhuman System:

    The SHJ Superhuman System 90 Day Initial Programming + Workout Packet [Can be Completed At Home or In Gym and Scalable for Beginner -> Advanced) ($199 Value)

    Complete SHJ Superhuman System's 4-Tier-Nutrition-System, Superhuman System Journal and More ($150 Value)

    The SHJ Nutrition System:

    The SHJ Nutrition Course & System, The Recipe Index, The Fast Food Index, The Low Calorie Snack Index, The Go-To Meal Template and More! ($150 Value)

    The Behemoth Program:

    The Behemoth Program 90 Day Programming + Workout Packet [Can be repeated over and over and NEVER the same programming] + Progressive Overload Calculators ($199 Value)

    Complete SHJ Behemoth Program's 4-Tier-Nutrition-System, Behemoth Program Journal and More ($150 Value)

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