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YES! I want The Aesthetic Minimalist Workout & Diet!

  • If your goal is an aesthetic Hollywood Physique, this is how you can achieve it with minimal work.
  • -Minimalist Gym Weightlifting Routine
  • -Minimalist Home Calisthenics Routine
  • -Minimalist Diet and Nutrition Plan
  • -Minimalist Guide Book

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SHJ Success Story

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Video Game Themed Workout Booklet$7


Receive over 150 pages of Video Game Themed Workout Routines

Get Workouts based on Your Favorite Video Game Characters like Kratos, Doomguy, Scorpion, Agent 47, Sam Fisher, Solid Snake, Ryu Hayabusa, Tomb Raider, Geralt, Link and so many more!

Receive over 25 Total Video Game Themed Workout Routines and Bonus Calisthenic Workouts!

Receive a Full Guide Book on how to utilize your new workouts routines and how to jump from routine to routine in order to achieve YOUR personal goal

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  • 1xVideo Game Themed Workout Booklet$7

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