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The Superhero Physique
Lean, Toned and Fit

The SHJ Nutrition is built specifically around achieving The Superhero Physique in the most efficient, effective and sustainable way.

SHJ Success Story

Mike lost over 50 lbs and then got absolutely shredded!

SHJ Success Story

Marcus lost over 60 lbs and got superhero JACKED!

Weeb Nutrition$47

SHJ Weeb Nutrition System Course: Full Breakdown on Calories, Macronutrients, Benefits of Fasting, Cheat Meals, and more!

The Four Tier SHJ Nutrition System: Calorie Tracking, Intermittent Fasting, Cheat Meals and Indulgences and Specific Macro Priorities with Science Backed Ranges making it The Most Efficient, Effective and Sustainable Nutrition System for Achieving The Superhero Physique

SHJ Nutrition System Exclusive Diet Calculators: Adhere to Specific Macro Priorities and Calorie Ranges


Weeb Nutrition Fast Food Index: Dozens and dozens of the best options from Fast Food Restaurants.

Weeb Nutrition Recipe Index: Over 100+ Recipes broken down by the best calorie to protein ratio.

Weeb Nutrition Low Calorie Snack Index: Low calorie snacks to curb hunger and make room for cheat meals.

Weeb Nutrition "Go-To" Meals: My personal go-to meals, and how to find YOURS.

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